Natalie Morales Fired Over Matt Lauer? ‘Today Show’ Rumors Called ‘Hog Wash’ By NBC

Will NBC have Natalie Morales fired over Matt Lauer’s preference for Hoda Kotb? These type of Today Show rumors are being dismissed out of hand, with representatives for the media company claiming they are total “hog wash.”

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the rumor is based upon the belief that Natalie Morales will be moved from the Today Show over to Dateline. Matt Lauer supposedly prefers Hoda Kotb for the 7 to 9 a.m. newsreader, and this move will supposedly be positioned as a promotion.

“They’ll try to position this as a ‘promotion’ for Natalie — but make no mistake, she’s not happy,” claimed an unnamed source.

When this rumor first came out, a spokesperson for NBC News insisted Morales wasn’t going anywhere.

“This sounds like someone is trying to stir up trouble after the Today win in the demo last week,” the rep said. “We’ve got great momentum, we love our team and Natalie is an important part of it.”

In addition, an unnamed “senior source” at the Today Show told the Daily Mail that there was nothing to the rumor, and they believe it is possible that competing networks may have started the idea.

“This is all hogwash,” the senior Today Show source said. “Natalie is beloved by the staff and millions of fans. “It’s pretty obvious this vicious rumor is being spread by a competitor nervous that we have won a week in the demo and are moving toward regaining our place as the number one morning show.”

Fans of the Today Show believe that having Natalie Morales fired is not a good idea, rumor or not. Instead, some say that NBC should have Matt Lauer fired and hire Ann Curry back. Others point out that Curry and other famous celebrities could band together in order to create a TV show to rival the Today Show.

“It is all about the ratings and top dog on set. I would love to see Natalie, Ann Curry, Al, Willie and Carson do a show to compete. Sorry, Koda and Kathie Lee don’t add anything to the show. Matt is, well, he is Matt. He has lost that original charm and now comes across differently, much differently.”

According to The Wrap, the Today Show and Good Morning America are practically neck and neck when it comes to recent ratings, with Today averaging 1.793 million viewers, while GMA recorded 1.765 million watchers.

Do you think NBC should have Natalie Morales fired from the Today Show and replace her with Hoda Kotb as Matt Lauer allegedly prefers?