British Schools May Trade History For Twitter

Students in the U.K. may soon swap out some history classes for Twitter education, if a recently proposed suggestion gets adopted. The idea is part of a government review of the primary school curriculum in England, the BBC reports, and could lead to some sweeping changes.

The report calls for kids to spend school time learning how to effectively use sites such as Twitter and Wikipedia. It’d also add curriculum on blogging techniques, podcasting, and other Web-oriented skills.

Some reports say the added time would be taken from history, possibly even replacing studies on the Victorian period or World War II. Education officials say that history will always be a “core part of education.” It just may be condensed, it seems, to make room for topic of modern tech education.

It’s no surprise that plenty of people are a-twitter about the possible shift in focus. One does have to concede, though, that while an understanding of history can be seen as an important part of a child’s education, the practical hands-on tech skills are likely to have a more direct impact on his professional success. Finding a way to balance the curriculum and bring those topics into the equation seems like a smart move that more educators should consider.

Let’s just hope the latest wave of fail whale appearances dies down by the time the lessons begin.