Norman Reedus Shares Sneak Peek Of His Upcoming Movie

Norman Reedus may be mourning the loss of his chance to star in a video game, but in the meantime, he has another big project underway. This weekend, he shared one of the first sneak peeks at it. It's a movie called Sky, and Reedus stars in it along with Lena Dunham, Diane Kruger, and Joshua Jackson.

The movie, which was announced in Variety back in February, focuses on the character Romy, a woman with a violent husband. While on a trip, she accidentally kills him during a fight (self-defense?) and flees across the country in fear.

Reedus' role has been left open to speculation until now, but based on the image that several of the movie's key players shared on social media, it looks as though his character is teaching Romy (played by Kruger) some shooting skills. Without further ado, here's the sneak peek as shared by Norman Reedus on Instagram.

Norman Reedus to star in new movie, Sky.

He captioned the photo with the comment, "We made a movie." Kruger had shared the photo herself only hours before, with the words "Sneak peek" and the hashtag #comingsoon.

Reedus has to be pleased with seeing a big project outside Walking Dead come to fruition right now, after losing the opportunity to star in the Silent Hills game. He's made it clear that he still holds out hope that the Silent Hills project may still have another chance.

In the meantime, very little information has been publicly released about Sky. IMDb has only a one-line description.

"A woman embarks on a journey alone across the United States after fleeing from her violent husband."

We do have the information above, from Variety, indicating that the main character's flight comes after her husband's death at her hands. That's a bit ambiguous, combined with the descriptor that sounds like the husband is pursuing Romy, though. There's a cast list, though few cast members are as yet connected to their characters. As of Saturday, we now have this first visual peek at Norman Reedus' character.

As for a release date, we just have that Sky can be expected sometime next year. If you're a Norman Reedus fan, you'll see him in the next season of Walking Dead before you see him in this new movie.

[Photo by: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]