It’s Over For Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff Per Reality Steve: ‘He’s Not Marrying Whitney’

Did Chris Soules really go on the Bachelor to find love? According to Reality Steve, he was never interested in marrying anyone from ABC’s popular reality show, including Whitney Bischoff. Since the Iowa farmer joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars, it’s clear that he is more interested in fame than marriage.

Although the couple hasn’t issued an official breakup statement, Reality Steve is certain that fans will hear about the split soon.

“He is not marrying Whitney. He was never interested in marrying anyone from that show. So whether they’re actually broken up now, whether it happens in two weeks, or whether it happens in two months, does it really matter? They’re never getting married, plain and simple.”

With Whitney now back to work in Chicago and Chris telling Glamour that he’s “non-existent” to her, it’s possible that the couple is waiting to announce their split until Chris is eliminated from, or wins Dancing with the Stars.

Reality Steve‘s prediction that Chris and Whitney won’t make it to the altar isn’t a new one. Before the Bachelor gave out his final rose on March 9, Steve stated in his weekly video chat that the couple would “do the long distance thing” after the season finale, but he didn’t think their relationship would end in marriage.

“My guess is they are doing the long distance thing until they decide if they actually do want to get married, which I don’t think will happen.”

In March, Whitney moved to Los Angeles to live with Chris, so they could be together during his time on Dancing with the Stars. After attending the show for six weeks in a row, Whitney packed her bags and moved back to Chicago, missing the DWTS Week 7 performance, the 10th Anniversary show, and the after party.

Although Chris explained to Glamour that Whitney has “some work things to get caught up on” in Chicago, and he is focused on Dancing with the Stars, it appears that they are doing exactly what Reality Steve described back in March — transitioning towards a split.

Although Chris has been in jeopardy of being eliminated on DWTS several times, votes from his fans have allowed him to stay right through to his upcoming performance (Week 8) on May 4.

With a double elimination coming up on the DWTS live results show May 5, Chris may see an end to his time in the spotlight very soon. Unless of course, he ditches his fiancee, and his farm, and gets cast on yet another reality show.

[Image: ABC/Good Morning America – Derek Storm]