NBC 7 UFO Video: Strange Multicolored Lights Over San Diego Captured On Video

NBC 7 San Diego has released footage of a possible UFO sighting over southwest San Diego on Tuesday night. The footage was captured in San Ysidro by an NBC 7 photographer who was covering an unrelated story Tuesday night.

The video shows what looks like a "string of multicolored lights" flashing or pulsing in the night sky.

A local resident, Larry Fox, shared separate footage with the station. The footage, taken from Del Cerro, appears to show multiple light sources hovering in the sky above the Coronado Bridge. Fox said he was out in his backyard when he noticed the strange lights southwest of the bridge.

The video shows what appears to be a cluster or string of multi-colored UFO orbs of light hovering silently in the sky over San Diego for several minutes.

Witnesses, including Fox, said the UFO lights were changing, flashing and multicolored -- red, blue, and green. Fox, who said it looked to him like a strobe light, denied suggestions that they were plane lights.

He said, "I ruled out a drone or a plane because the light was stationary. It was a series of flashing lights. If it was a plane, it would have moved."

Several other witnesses who called NBC 7 made similar observations.

Open Minds' Alejandro Rojas pointed out the similarity between the images and images of bright celestial objects, such as Venus or Mars, blurred by camera shake that occurred at the moment the photograph was taken. Citing a UFO case that occurred over Oshawa in Ontario, Canada, in 2013, the website noted that when camera shake occurs, the celestial object could appear like a string or cluster of lights in the sky when in fact there was only one bright light in the sky.

"At night cameras will keep the aperture open longer in order to capture more light. If the camera is moved during this time, the image will create a motion blur effect. Often bright stars are photographed and mistaken as UFOs due to this effect... The biggest culprit when it comes to celestial objects being mistaken for UFOs is Venus."

Rojas suggested that the UFO light in the sky could have been the planet Venus or the planet Mars. But a witness commenting on the website was adamant that what he observed in the sky was not Venus or Mars. However, other witnesses supported Rojas' argument, saying that the alleged UFO was, in fact, a bright planet.

Some viewers suggested it was a lens flare, noting the similarity between the lights in the sky and lights on the ground in the video.

According to Open Minds, "Bright lights can sometimes be reflected inside the lens of the camera."

But others dismissed the suggestion, pointing out that the pulsing of the red light in the sky was not synchronous with the red light on the ground.

"Although this light, and others, look exactly like similar lights on the ground, it is odd that the pulsing, although appearing to be at the same speed, is not in sync between the two red lights."

NBC 7 said they contacted the military for possible answers but were still awaiting a response.

Those who were satisfied with the suggestion that the lights were from a celestial object, such as Venus or Mars, might consider the mystery of the San Diego UFO lights solved. But other witnesses who were convinced that the lights were not from a celestial object believe the mystery of the multicolored pulsing lights over San Diego remains unsolved.

Express notes that declassified government files disclosed by the local newspaper U-T San Diego, reveal that the city has been a hotspot for similar UFOs since the 1950s and the 1960s. Government records show there were five reported sightings over the city from May 1952 to April 1966.

[Image: via UFO Sightings Hotspot]