High CO2 Levels Are Making People Fat Says New Study

James Johnson

A new research study claims that it is not just what we eat but what we have been breathing that's making our country the home to many obese people.

A Danish researcher studying weight gain over two decades matched an increase in carbon dioxide to weight gain spikes during the same period.

What's more the Daily Mail reports that from 1986 through 2010 obesity in America increased more on the East Coast where CO2 levels were higher than other parts of the United States.

While hardly conclusive the study hypothesizes that carbon dioxide increases weight case by affecting certain hormones int he brain that determine how we use energy and how much food we eat.

In a real world test for the study a research group placed six men in different climate-controlled rooms and each man was exposed to different levels of CO2. Afterwards researchers ask the men to eat as much food as they wanted.

According to the study's findings the men exposed to higher levels of CO2 ate 6% more than the men who were exposed to less CO2 and no added CO2 levels at all.

In what might be the most surprising finding reported, if every overweight person on Earth would lose 22 pounds we could cut CO2 emissions by 50 metric tons, an amount equal to 0.2% of global emissions based on a 2007 study.

Do you think simply breathing in more carbon dioxide polluted air can lead to weight gain or at least stop certain people from losing the weight they want to shed?