Two Female Reporters Banned From MayPac Fight After Questioning Mayweather About Domestic Abuse

Two female reporters have been banned from covering the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on Saturday night. CNN Sports Anchor Rachel Nichols, and Michelle Beadle, a sports reporter for both ESPN and HBO, have questioned Floyd Mayweather's history of domestic violence.

Just hours before the fight is scheduled to begin, Elle reports that Nichols and Beadle had their credentials denied because they have either publicly questioned Mayweather's domestic abuse record, or have spoken out about against supporting Mayweather as an athlete.

Both reporters tweeted about the ban, and received a great deal of support from their followers. Nichols explained her situation in detail, stating that although she was ultimately offered seats to tonight's fight from outside parties, she will not attend the fight.
"I was not offered press credentials to cover tonight's fight. In an email dated April 23, I was told I would only be credentialed for the run-up events through the week, but in bold, italic letters the email stated "you do not have any access Saturday to any services or events."
Nichols states that she arrived at the credentials office on May 1, where she was once again told that she would not be given fight night credentials. She went on to say that although she was ultimately offered seats to tonight's fight from outside parties, she will not be going.
"I will also not let fear of retaliation prevent me from asking the tough questions the public deserves answers to in the future."
Beadle has also decided not to attend the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, although she tweeted this afternoon that HBO was able to get her credentials "re-approved."

According to Deadspin, Mayweather has been arrested or cited for at least seven assaults against five women. For example, he reportedly attacked the mother of three of his children in 2010, punching her in the head. He took a plea deal for the domestic assault, serving two months of a 90-day sentence.

Rachel Nichols, one of the reporters who was banned from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, questioned Mayweather about his record of domestic violence last year. During the interview, he told Nichols that the charges were "just hearsay and allegations" and that there were "no pictures" to prove he abused any of the women.

CNN's Raul Reyes states that although Mayweather has been called out by several reporters about his record of domestic abuse, it is largely ignored not only by his fans, but the companies that support him.

"Mayweather's history of abuse can be seen as even worse when we remember that he is a professional fighter. He makes millions throwing punches. He earns his living using his fists. The fact that he uses these same fists to beat women does not seem to matter to CBS (which owns Showtime), the MGM Grand, the Las Vegas gaming industry or the sponsors associated with Saturday's fight."
[Image: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Entertainment]