On TV This Weekend: TV5Monde USA Introduces Viewers To Cajun, French, Louisiana Culture, And The Lafayette Festival International

What’s on tv tonight? TV5MONDE USA, the channel geared toward French-language entertainment, has a wonderful line up this weekend. On Saturday, May 2, and Sunday, May 3, TV5Monde USA will present programming that delves deep into the french roots of Louisiana. The French-Louisiana line up will be aired just after TV5Monde‘s General Manager, Yves Bigot, returns from the Lafayette Festival International, according to Bayou Buzz.

Specifically, the upcoming French programming is designed to introduce viewers to the rich French Louisiana culture. Viewers will learn about the culture by seeing key figures, and by listening to some of the finest music that texturizes French culture, according to TV5Monde.

“Viewers across America will come away with a deeper understanding of the heart and soul of Louisiana and why the French-influence plays such a large role in the region.”

Here is what TV5Monde-USA viewers are in for.

On Saturday, May 2, Watch the Rendez-Vous d’Amérique special Festival International 2015 at 7:30 p.m./ET and 4:30 p.m./PT. This particular episode will bring you right to the 2015 Festival International, where you will see great francophone artists like Zachary Richard and Angélique Kidjo. Exclusive interviews and coverage of what’s going on backstage is sure to serve up a special treat for viewers.

And don’t forget to watch Acadie, fille d’Amerique at 11:00 p.m./ET and 8:00 p.m./PT. Here is the network’s tease.

“August 15, 2014: Madawaska, a town in northeast Maine, hosts the “Fête nationale acadienne” – a grand show of musical talent – featuring Zachary Richard, Lisa LeBlanc, Radio Radio, Roch Voisine, Marie-Jo Thério, Édith Butler, Florent Vollant, Boréal Tordu, Acadia Trad School and les Hay Babies. Artistic direction by René Cormier and musical direction by Isabelle Thériault.”

Then there is the documentary entitled L’amérique dans tous ses Etats: La Louisiane at 6:30 p.m./ET and 3:30 p.m./PT, where Gérard Klein will examine what happened to Louisiana post Hurricane Katrina. It will also discuss the popular Cajun culture there, as well as what life is like for a black person with blonde hair and blue eyes, something that is frequently seen in Louisiana. This trek through the Southern bayou is sure to enhance your knowledge for all things Cajun.

On Sunday, May 3, experience New Orleans, Street Jazz and Dirty Rap at 7:05 p.m./ET and 4:05 p.m./PT, where viewers will get to see New Orleans up close and personal. One can’t talk about French culture in Louisiana without bringing up New Orleans, a dynamic city that is blessed to have musicians such as Trombone Shorty and Rusty Lazzer. The Dirty Dozen Band also delights with their Brass music.

Tune in for the music video “J’ai une chanson dans mon coeur,” which is produced by Zachary Richard, a Cajun singer and songwriter who makes his music unique by adding in Zydeco music.

Come and experience the vibrant personality of Louisiana’s French culture by tuning in this weekend. For more information visit bonjourlouisiana.com.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]