Is This 5-Year-Old Boy The Reincarnation Of Bruce Lee? You Decide [Video]

A 5-year-old little Japanese boy is being described as the Bruce Lee reincarnate after a video surfaced of him showing off some impressive nunchaku skills.

The video shows 5-year-old Ryusei performing a Bruce Lee nunchaku routine from the movie Game of Death. The little boy can be seen almost perfectly imitating one of his favorite actions in the adorable video. Bruce Lee passed away in July of 1973, but many are speculating that little Ryusei could very well be the world famous martial artist reincarnate.

However, the boy’s father notes that he spends a lot of time practicing and is a huge fan of the martial artist. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the boy spent so much time practicing the Game of Death routine to such perfection.

The video currently has over 40,000 views as of the time of this posting; however, I would say from the child’s spot-on performance, this is a video that will definitely go viral very shortly. Can this little guy reach one million views? Based on the comments, I would say the chances are high. Check out what some of the viewers have had to say after watching the budding martial artist.

“Hope he keeps up the hard work and dedication it is such a great thing to see.”

“This is definately up there with best the best videos I’ve seen on YouTube.”

“I wasnt expecting it to be so spot on. I’m impressed.”

What do you think? Is the five-year-old Japanese boy a reincarnation of the famous Bruce Lee or just a dedicated young fan?