Driving Drunk Text: Florida Woman Causes Fatal Crash, Sends Boyfriend Alarming Text Beforehand

A woman driving drunk sent a text message to her boyfriend, letting him know that she was indeed driving while intoxicated and that if anything happened, it was his fault.

“Driving drunk woo… I’ll be dead thanks to you,” read the text.

What happened next is unthinkable.

According to the New York Daily News, Mila Dago sent the message just three minutes before she ran a red light and caused a fatal accident.

Dago had been out drinking with a girlfriend, 22-year-old Irina Reinoso, dealing with an apparent breakup from the boyfriend that she had been texting. It was Irina who was killed in the crash. The accident happened in Miami, Florida, back in April of 2013. Dago was arrested this past January and has been charged with DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and two counts of DUI with damage to a person, all of which she pleaded “not guilty” to. Her trial is expected to take place sometime this year, but a date has not yet been determined.

The woman’s driving drunk text wasn’t the only message authorities found on her phone, either. She apparently sent over 60 messages to this boyfriend, many of them chilling, saying things about death and dying.

“I’m done you ruined me … you’ll be the death of me,” read one of the texts.

According to NewsOXY, Dago, 24, was driving a rented Smart Car at the time of the crash. She collided with a truck, but the driver of that truck recovered after being knocked unconscious. Dago walked away from the crash with only “minor bruises.”

Her attorney says that Dago — who is on house arrest after posting $20,000 bond — will not comment on the case out of respect for her friend and her friend’s family.

“Ms. Dago, who, with her family, prays every day for the young woman who passed and her family, believes it is disrespectful to the young woman’s family to publicly comment.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Dago is being sued by the Reinoso family.

“She was very family oriented, had an incredible heart and always had a smile on her face,” said Irina’s mother, understandably devastated following the sudden loss of her daughter.

The driving drunk text may have been a bit of foreshadowing, but the messages that Dago sent are only going to provide the prosecution with more evidence that she is guilty of DUI manslaughter. That and the fact that her blood alcohol level was double the legal limit will likely be enough to convict her.

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