Heart-Warming: Baby Elephant Trapped In Well Is Rescued By Villagers [Video]

Villagers in the southern Indian state of Keral heard what they recognized as a herd of elephants trumpeting nearby. As the locals set out to follow the sounds, they found that a 2-year-old elephant had fallen and gotten stuck into an abandoned well and was crying for help, as reported by Daily Mail.

The baby elephant had been walking with its mother and the rest of the herd when he stumbled into the hole and got stuck, as reported by Reuters.

When the villagers arrived, they knew they had their work cut out for them in order to rescue the baby elephant. They immediately began widening the hole, creating a bank with the mud for the elephant to get his footing and pull himself back up.

The rescuers also brought in the aid of a tractor to create a slope in order to assist the animal climbing through the mud. A large rope was placed around the elephant as the villagers began to help pull the baby out of the unused well. It wasn’t long before the baby elephant was free and ran off through the forest.

The Daily Mail reports that although the baby elephant didn’t appear injured, there is no way of knowing if he ever caught up with his herd or if he was reunited with his mother.

[Photo Credit: DailyMail.co.uk]