Wiz Khalifa's 'SNL' 'Preview': Who Is DJ Daddy Kat?

If you love adorable cats, stayed tuned because Wiz Khalifa is reaching out to the cat community during his weekend as musical guest for SNL. Wiz Khalifa is growing hotter by the minute, but he is currently pushing his energy in a feline direction.

Wiz Khalifa has been spending a considerable amount of time on the West Coast -- with and without Amber Rose. Now, Wiz Khalifa's social media is ablaze with droplets of New York City due to his Saturday Night Live performance on May 2.

On top of a photo session with Dan Folger, Wiz Khalifa was also hanging out at Freda's Restaurant. Few hints of Amber Rose can be found in Wiz Khalifa's tweets, but it is clear that something might be up between the two of them if you listen to some of his new songs.

O.K. Magazine says, "As soon as she has a new man, Wiz Khalifa wants that old thing back! Just a day after Amber Rose was spotted out with her alleged new man, Machine Gun Kelly, the rapper released a new track alongside Usher on a remix of Rico Love's 'Somebody Else.'"

Relationship speculations aside, Wiz Khalifa is focusing his time on his SNL performance -- and he even posted about a performance preview. On April 30, Wiz Khalifa joined up with others for a DJ set at UADNYC (Up & Down Club).

UADNYC posted photos of the event that showed Wiz Khalifa rapping along with Post Malone and Theophilus London.

What is interesting is that Wiz Khalifa decided to use an alias for this event calling himself "DJ Daddy Kat." This action follows those of other musicians like Jim James of My Morning Jacket who calls himself Yim Yames when he performs solo in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Is Wiz Khalifa being for real about the DJ Daddy Kat name? In another picture posted on Facebook, it is clear that Wiz Khalifa is not joking about the DJ Daddy Kat moniker.

Then again, Wiz Khalifa is going to be on SNL, so could this be some sort of way that he gets incorporated into the comedy? This is a possibility, but it is more likely that this is simply another way for Wiz Khalifa to express himself.

On April 10, a video was posted where Wiz Khalifa was performing again as DJ Daddy Kat at Sky Fridays at the OHM Nightclub in Hollywood. Only, this time is was spelled DJ Daddy Catt.

This persona for Wiz Khalifa is obviously new -- and still evolving. For now, we know that Wiz Khalifa's DJ set at UADNYC "went insanely good" and there is more to come.

Since he likes the way it went at UADNYC on Thursday, Wiz Khalifa has already posted on Twitter that he will be back on Sunday.

Also, if you see Wiz Khalifa in a cat costume bouncing around on stage during his SNL performance, you heard the prediction here first.

[Feature image via Getty Images.]