Naomi Lee, 12-Year-Old California Girl, Records Two Aces in One Round of Golf

It’s been quite the month for 12-year-old Naomi Lee of Menlo Park, California.

After being named player of the year in the Bay Area by U.S. Kids Golf on Feb. 26, the talented seventh grader just six days later made two holes in one in the same round of nine holes at the Peter Hay Golf Course at Pebble Beach.

Playing with younger brother Jackson, Lee explained she used a 9-iron to ace the 82-yard No. 3 hole. Lee got some unexpected help when the ball dropped in the cup.

“The hole has an elevated green,” Naomi Lee said. “I could only see the top of the pin. I thought I had hit it over the green. Then all of a sudden, the people that were watching shouted back at me, telling me I had made a hole-in-one. They were clapping. I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh! Wow!'”

Golf Digest writes that Lee used a gap-wedge for her second ace of the day.

“I pured the second shot. There was a tree hanging over on the way to the green. I hit the perfect shot. It bounced into the hole and I screamed,” Naomi told Golf Digest, adding, “It was the most awesome day of my entire life.”

So how big of deal is it to score two hole-in-one’s in the same round?

According to Golf Digest, the odds of a golfer making two holes-in-one in one round are 1 in 67 million. Besides Lee, who is now the youngest female to ever accomplish the feat, 149 others have officially reported double-ace rounds in the history of golf.

While the odds decrease somewhat in Lee’s case because she had nine par-3 holes instead of the standard four par-3 holes on a regulation course, it doesn’t change the fact that a 12-year-old accomplished the feat.

“It’s something you don’t really understand the gravity of until you really start to dig into it,” says father Doug Lee. “Maybe it’s something Tiger or Jack have never done.”

And as much as it seems that a future on the LPGA tour is in the cards for young Naomi, the 12-year-old golfer says that may not necessarily be the case.

When asked if she wanted to be a pro golfer, Naomi Lee responded:

“That’d be pretty cool, but I really want to be a surgeon because I love science and to use my hands.”

Image & source: Golf Digest