Legendary Blues Guitarist B.B. King Confirms He Is In Hospice Care [Breaking]

Glenn Brock

B.B. King has confirmed he is in home hospice care, via Facebook.

USA Today is reporting that King was briefly hospitalized on Thursday. King's daughter, Patty King, had said her father was not eating and was dehydrated. King was then taken to the hospital for observation. King was also checked to see if he had a possible minor heart attack, his daughter said. King was eventually released and went home later that night.

There was a report that Las Vegas police were summoned to King's house Thursday night and a person was taken by ambulance to the hospital in what was described as a dispute with medical care. King's daughter was claiming possible elder abuse against the 89-year-old blues great.

Upon King's arrival home, and once he was set up, King took to Facebook to announce to his fans what was happening.

"I am in home hospice care at my residence in Las Vegas," King wrote. "Thanks to all for your well wishes and prayers."

This is the second hospital visitation for King. He was admitted earlier in the month for an undisclosed malady. King had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes many years ago.

According to TMZ, there is an ongoing battle between daughter Patty and King's longtime manager, Laverne Toney, who has been acting as King's caretaker, having King's power of attorney. While visiting, Patty noticed that King's urine was orange and he wasn't eating. Patty suggested King be taken to the hospital, and Toney refused. Patty King then called police. The police arrived, then called in paramedics.

The paramedics and police agreed that King needed to be examined by a doctor, and an ambulance was called to take King to the hospital.

This is not the first time Patty King has claimed elder abuse against Toney. Last November, Patty and her boyfriend filed a police report, claiming elder abuse and burglary. The couple claim Toney has embezzled between $20 million and $30 million from King, withheld medication from King while touring, and had stolen jewelry, including rings and Rolexes, in the amount of $250,000. An investigation is ongoing. No charges have been filed, though.

Toney could not be reached for comment. Patty King says she will meet with her attorney to contest Toney's power of attorney, and have it revoked.

King had to cancel the remainder of his 2014 tour after falling ill in Chicago. King, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has recorded more than 50 albums and sold millions of records.