Harry Styles Not Leaving One Direction Since He's Become The New Pretty Boy Front Man

Harry Styles is not leaving One Direction. Not when he's become the new front man and pretty boy of the popular group.

According to a report in The Mirror, Styles has become the new face of the globally successful boyband. The news source reported that the boys had to restructure their band since releasing their first children's book that mentions a band named "Pond Direction." The book previously featured Zayn Malik as the front man. Now it looks like Harry Styles will become the new main man.

Writers even had to restructure the storyline so it would feature Harry as the one who takes the stage as the group plays behind him. That mean he would take over Zayn's frog part in the story. It shouldn't matter since the whole story isn't about Zayn, Harry, or the rest of One Direction. In fact, the book is titled The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex, which is about a half-girl, half-dinosaur.

The children's story was already finished by the time Malik announced his departure from the boyband back in March. The writers had to work before the deadline to restructure the Pond Direction group so it would accurately reflect the real One Direction.

"Although there are lots of celebs helping with the book, One Direction are by far the most appealing contributors to young readers so the publishers had to ensure their most popular pages would be up-to-date."
Reports have also been saying that Styles would be the next to leave the band, but it turns out that those reports are false. An alleged source at Gossip Cop has said that the rumors are not true, and that Styles is fully committed to the band. The reports started when a tabloid said that Styles wants to go solo and hopes to escape the already faltering boyband.
"The others have known for a long time that Harry would go solo. It's always been his plan."
It also didn't help the rumors when director Morgan Spurlock mentioned that One Direction is falling apart. He told TMZ that he thinks Styles should step out on his own and pursue a solo career. Even Lance Bass said he knew of Styles' plans on leaving the boyband. Despite all of these accusations, the source told Gossip Cop, "It seems like this is going to be a weekly thing!"

It doesn't look like One Direction is separating anytime soon. And don't look for Harry to quit in the near future. Another source said that Harry is committed to working on future music with his band and the stories about his departure are false.

What are your thoughts on the rumors suggesting that Harry Styles is leaving One Direction? Do you think there's some truth to them?

[Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]