Tune in live to Things You Can’t Say on the Internet #6

Things You Can’t Say on the Internet returns for episode 6 today, and you can tune in live and/or participate via the chat room.

The show starts at 11pm EDT/ 8pm PDT Thursday, 1pm Australian EST Friday on Talkshoe here.

Join Steve Hodson of WinExtra + Mashable, Cyndy Aleo-Carreira and myself as we disuss:

-Myopia on the internet (link)
– Great Firewall of China did NOT come down for the Olympics… why are people shocked?
– Green tech: Dell’s new mini and the bamboo/aluminum hard drive… is this real green or playing to the latest meme? (link)
– Do bloggers need to stop accepting press releases from companies?

If you can’t join us live, a podcast is available post show either here at The Inquisitr, or on Talkshoe. You can also subscribe to the show in iTunes here.