‘Real Housewives’ Producers Battling Kim Richards Over Rehab Stay?

Real Housewives producers are reportedly at odds with Kim Richards regarding the length of her stay in rehab.

Following her April 16 arrest, the reality star entered treatment, but unfortunately, she isn’t on board with staying for as long as Housewives producers want. Instead, Richards wants to be out of treatment later this month.

Housewives producers “want Kim to stay in treatment for ninety days,” a source told Radar Online on May 1. “[But] Kim is insisting that she’ll be done with the treatment in thirty days.”

“Kim still doesn’t think that what she did was really wrong and told her bosses that it was a ‘slip’ and ‘not a relapse.’ She said to them, it’s not like she was drinking every single day or something!”

Housewives producers have reportedly grown worried about Richards’ health in the weeks since her arrest, and after hearing her admission to smoking pot and taking pills, have been led to wonder if she was using during season five.

“The fact that she also confessed to smoking weed makes the executives think that she could have been high at times while filming this season’s show.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Housewives producers are currently searching for a potential replacement for Richards on season six. Although Housewives producers considering putting a sobriety clause in her contract, they have since decided against the idea, because there are no guarantees of Richards’ sobriety, and recently began considering firing her in lieu of someone else.

A source revealed the following to Radar Online of Richards earlier this week:

“No one knew whether or not Kim was going to adhere to their guidelines and remain completely sober. She gave so much fuss about the sobriety clause they wanted added to her contract that there was really know way of knowing her next move.”

Housewives producers reportedly feel that Richards’ story line has grown old with fans. In addition, her friendship with Brandi Glanville has become disturbing to many – especially after Glanville convinced Richards to cut her sister, Kyle out of her life.

During a deleted scene from the show, Glanville was seen telling Kim her sister had been manipulating her for years, and suggesting she distance herself from Kyle, at least for a while, because it would force Kyle to respect her. Sadly, the troubled star and her sister have had very little contact since.

Housewives producers won’t officially announce the season six cast until later this year.

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