‘BGT’ Contestant Singing ‘Let It Go’ Likened To Satan Singing [Video]

With Britain’s Got Talent’s coming return, it’s not hard to believe that a contestant would choose to sing the popular Disney hit, “Let It Go.” What is hard to believe, though, is just how contestant Aaron Marshall decided to sing the Idina Menzel song.

As the opening notes to “Let It Go” play, one judge, Amanda Holden, openly showed her excitement, clapping her hands together before saying, “I’m so happy! It’s Frozen!”

And then Marshall started singing “Let It Go.”

Holden immediately lost her enthusiasm as she heard Marshall’s “throaty, goth rendition,” according to the Irish Examiner.

Marshall’s version of “Let It Go” was a “far cry from Idina Menzel’s original version,” making the Britain’s Got Talent judge immediately slam on her red buzzer in an effort to get the contestant off the stage.

While Holden was less than impressed, her fellow judges, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, and David Williams, allowed Marshall to continue his dark version of “Let It Go” while they “laughed along with the bewildered audience.”

According to Digital Spy, Holden failed to see the humor and was seen “pouting like a little child” complete with her arms crossed across her chest and no sight of a smile.

As Marshall continued to sing “Let It Go,” Holden remarked, “It’s like Satan is singing it!”

The BGT judge even made a gesture pointing to the area offstage while saying, “Get off!”

Despite being likened to satan singing, Marshall was joined by judge Alesha Dixon and the audience for the chorus of “Let It Go.”

I think it’s safe to say that Aaron Marshall and his rendition of “Let It Go” aren’t making it very far this season on Britain’s Got Talent, but what did everyone else think?

One Twitter user referred to it “as something,” while another could only comment “wow.”

Marshall’s interesting version of “Let It Go” wasn’t the only Disney hit performed, with a four-piece girl group singing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. While the judges seemed to react much better to this group singing a Disney hit, one thing is certain, Aaron Marshall’s “Let It Go” was so unique it won’t soon be forgotten.

[Photo Courtesy of Tellymix]