Play-Doh Movie Is ‘Gonna Be A Big Movie,’ Director Paul Feig Says

Upon the hearing the announcement that Hasbro was hard at work on a Play-Doh movie, some outlets expressed concern that such a concept could actually work. It seemed clear that Hasbro was hoping to bank on the critical and financial success of The LEGO Movie, another film that faced a lot of backlash after its initial announcement. Considering that Play-Doh is nothing more than children’s clay, it seemed like the movie studios were really stretching to adapt their brands for the big screen. But given that potential for creativity in a movie like Play-Doh, should fans be looking forward to this more than they are?

Are the similarities between the Play-Doh movie and The LEGO Movie too closer for comfort?

In an interview with Collider, director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), who is also attached to the new female-centric Ghostbusters movie, opened up about his plans to mold Play-Doh into a worthwhile film.

“We’re moving forward [with the film]… My company was approached by Hasbro with this property and at first I was like, ‘How do you make a Play-Doh movie?’ and then I was like, ‘Wait, it’s colored clay. It’s Claymation!’ So then we had an idea that we really liked and then we brought [screenwriter] Jason Micallef in and kind of kicked it around with him, he went away and put together a pitch, came back, and it’s the funniest — I just think it’s hilarious. Let’s just say it’s gonna be a big movie, big in scope.”

As if the comparisons between the Play-Doh movie and The LEGO Movie weren’t prevalent enough, it’s interesting to note that the latter film took place in a world comprised completely of LEGOs. The Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller also went so far as to give the movie a stop-motion feel to help give it a more tangible feeling.

Paul Feig's next film, Spy, is slated for a June release this year.

Given this approach that Feig and company want to take the Play-Doh movie in, one can likely expect to be tongue-in-cheek, as well as fourth-wall-breaking in nature. Again, this seems to be very much in the same vein as The LEGO Movie, but if they can’t put out a film of similar or equal quality, is that necessarily a bad thing? Paul Feig’s upcoming spy comedy film, Spy, is set to come out this June. While Feig’s track record is pretty stellar so far, fans will no doubt be scrutinizing Spy to see if Feig is the type of director who could make Play-Doh a cool movie.

What are your thoughts on Feig’s comments? Are you looking forward to a Play-Doh movie?

[Image Credits: NBC News, Disney Cars Toys Club, Coming Soon]