New Evel Knievel: Daredevil Josh Sheehan Performs First Ever Triple Backflip On Motorcycle [Video]

Australian FMX rider Josh Sheehan has set a new world record by landing the first-ever triple backflip on his motorcycle. The feat was captured on video, and, as a result, many are calling Sheehan the new Evel Knievel.

In the video, it is noted that the trick is highly dangerous and could either land Sheehan in the record books or in the hospital. Fortunately for Sheehan, the trick was a success, and the FMX rider can start his Nitro Circus tour on a high note. In order to complete the death-defying stunt, NY Daily News notes that Sheehan’s team constructed a 37-foot ramp specifically for the flip. In order for the flip to go as planned, the team says that Sheehan had to hit the ramp at exactly an 81-degree angle and with a maximum speed of 60 mph.

All went well, and Josh Sheehan became the first rider to land the triple back-flip. He was greeted with a roaring, elated audience after landing, and the victory celebration began in earnest. The video shows the flip from three different angles including from Sheehan’s point-of-view.

Following the feat, Sheehan took to Twitter with his excitement, sharing the video and noting that he is still “buzzing” from the big event.

What do you think of Josh Sheehan’s amazing motorcycle triple back-flip? Could Sheehan be the new Evel Knievel?