Couple Leave Extremely Rude Tip for Waitress And Brag About It On Facebook, Internet Responds With Outrage At ‘Find Sour Cream’

Waiters and waitresses in the United States rely on tips to supplement the below minimum wage earnings they receive on an hourly basis. Many go out of their way to provide exceptional customer service for their hungry customers, oftentimes treated poorly in return. At times, the tips they receive are below average, which makes it tough to meet monetary obligations at home.

However, there are times that a member of the wait staff does not receive a tip in the form of monetary compensation, instead receiving a word or two of rude advice. That is what happened to an Oklahoma City waitress when a couple simply left the phrase “find sour cream” in the tip section.

The Joe’s Crab Shack server received the rude tip after the restaurant ran out of sour cream, leaving the pair of customers angry. Rather than approaching management to voice their concern, they took their anger out on a waitress named Samantha, according to the receipt. The Mirror shared that the $71 dollar meal was paid for, minus the tip, which contained the phrase “find sour cream.”

A cousin of the couple saw them bragging about their words of advice on Facebook and decided to share it with social media as well. Dustin Clark displayed his dismay. Within his post, Clark promised to make the situation right for Samantha.

“So they were rude and only gave a rude comment as a tip. I do not believe that that is right.”

The following night, Clark visited the Joe’s Crab Shack and found Samantha. He gave her a card in an effort to apologize for his relative’s behavior, along with a $20 bill. During the meeting, he discovered that Samantha is a great person and deserved the tip. He posted his encounter on Facebook as well.

“Just left joes crabshack and got to meet Samantha (the waitress) and was able to give her a nice card and her $20 well deserved tip. And she seemed like the nicest person in the world, like one of those super nice waitresses that are nice,bubbly and energetic and makes sure everything is perfect, idk how anyone could have been so rude to her.”

He continued, “She remembered her interaction with the rude people, and was very thankful and appreciative of the tip that we gave her. Since it was dinner rush and she had a few tables we didn’t stay very long. I think we made her day.”

According to News 9 in Oklahoma, not everyone was happy that Clark outed his cousins and delivered a tip to Samantha. David W. chastised individuals for rewarding poor service, even if it was beyond Samantha’s control

“So a guy gets shamed for not leaving a tip when the service was subpar? I worked food service myself, but also knew a tip wasn’t an entitlement.”

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]