Brandi Glanville On Helping Kristen Taekman Deal With Bethenny Frankel

Luckily for Kristen Taekman, she had one person with lots of Real Housewives experience giving her advice as she filmed the seventh season of The Real Housewives of New York City and ran into some trouble with Bethenny Frankel: Brandi Glanville. During her guest spot on the For Crying Out Loud podcast, which was posted on Tuesday, Brandi, who stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, talked about helping her friend Kristen deal with Bethenny.

“They all go and they use the show as a platform to promote something. And I know Kristen this year is promoting something and Bethenny really like [was] not nice about it and was like, ‘You’re so dumb.’ And I’m like Kris! She calls me crying. Cause she’s a sweet girl who’s not combative and that’s just her. But in the show you have to to be combative. You have to be fight back. And so I was giving her some lines she could try to say to Bethenny. I don’t know if she used them or not. I’m like, ‘You gotta fight back.'”

While Bethenny gave Kristen some trouble, Brandi does think that Bethenny was needed to inject some life into the show.

“But I do think they needed her back because it was a little stale. They needed someone to get in there and like straight shoot.”

The last episode of The Real Housewives of New York City gave a small indication that viewers will see Kristen Taekman and Bethenny Frankel bumping heads later on in the season. Bethenny didn’t invite Kristen to her birthday party. Heather Thomson, who is good friends with Kristen, told Bethenny that Kristen’s feelings were hurt over the non-invite. Bethenny didn’t want to hear it.

“Oh my God. Okay I just fell asleep. Wake me up when this is over. It’s ridiculous. It’s completely ridiculous.”

During the podcast episode, Brandi also defended Kristen’s husband, Josh Taekman, who is viewed by some to be an unsupportive husband.

“Everyone hates him but he’s actually a really good guy. He’s awesome… he’s really sarcastic but they don’t show the fun side of him… But Josh is a great dad and he takes the kids a lot… cause you know Kristen is now shooting, filming. She can’t always have the kids with her. They have help like a few days a week but Josh is really good with the kids. And his parents live out in Calabasas and they’ve kind of adopted me and my family. So like on Christmas when I don’t have the kids I go to their house.”

Brandi is actually the one who introduced Kristen to the Real Housewives world.

“I introduced Kristen to Andy [Cohen]. And then they found out that Josh and Heather [Thomson] knew each other. Kristen didn’t really know Heather that well. But Josh did so that was kind of their connection for bringing Kristen on the show.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, another topic that Brandi Glanville talked about during the podcast episode was her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Kim Richards. Brandi explained why she didn’t feel the need to confront Kim about her sobriety and revealed whether she has spoken to her since her arrest in mid-April in Beverly Hills for public intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer, and battery on a police officer.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]