Lisa Moller Hanged Herself After Jealous Boyfriend Verbally Abused Her For Spending A Night Out With The Girls

Lisa Moller, a mother of two children, spent a girls’ night out with some friends to catch up and enjoy some time relaxing. When she returned home for the night, her boyfriend was upset and began to verbally abuse Moller. He accused her of being a “liar” after she explained it was just an innocent night with friends.

Moller became fed up with her boyfriend’s abuse and locked him out of their home. Joe was adamant about regaining access and yelled and pounded on the door. A concerned neighbor reported the incident to the police. After 20 minutes of trying to contact Moller, the police decided it best to remove Joe from the property and warned him not to return. However, when he returned in the morning, he was horrified to find that Moller had hanged herself.

According the Mirror, Moller allowed her children, 15 and 16, to stay with grandparents for the night while she went out to have fun with some friends. Her boyfriend, 31-year-old Joe Ashenhurst, was upset that Moller lied about the bar she visited and insisted that she was up to no good.

The next morning, according to BBC News, Joe broke into the house and found Moller dead by hanging. Ashenhurst is accusing the officers from the prior night of neglect for not forcing themselves inside, possibly saving Moller’s life. However, officials state that there was no sign that Moller would harm herself, which would be the only reason to force entry into the home.

Friends of Moller stated that they had a great night of fun and that there were no outward signs she would harm herself in any way. However, they claim that her boyfriend Joe was known for being controlling and verbally abusive toward Moller and others.

It is unclear whether Joe Ashenhurst will be charged with anything in regard to Moller’s suicide at this time.

[Photo Courtesy: the Mirror]