'Driving Drunk... I'll Be Dead Thanks To You': Startling Text Sent By Woman Moments Before Fatal Collision

Mila Dago was in the middle of a bitter breakup via text when she crashed her rented Smart Car into the back of a truck, killing her best friend. The drunk woman had accused her boyfriend of infidelity and appears to have drank away her problems. She was texting her ex a series of disturbing messages when the fatal crash occurred.

The Miami Herald reports that 22-year-old Mila Dago was hanging out with friends during a nasty breakup. Dago was bar-hopping with her friends as she texted her ex-boyfriend throughout the night. The last message sent by the angry woman noted that she was "driving drunk" and that she would "be dead thanks to you." The texts occurred just moments before the woman's Smart Car plowed into the back of a produce delivery truck. Unlike the message in the text, it wasn't Dago who was left dead by the woman's inability to deal with the breakup, but rather, her best friend.

The accident happened just three minutes after the disturbing text was sent to the ex-boyfriend. Dago flew through a red light, hitting the truck and killing her 22-year-old friend, Irina Reinoso. Dago is now facing charges of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and two counts of DUI with damage to a person. The damning series of text messages between the angry woman and her ex have been entered into evidence. No trial date has been set.

The text evidence suggests that Dago sent over 60 texts to her boyfriend, identified only as DJ, after they got into an argument that afternoon. She argued with him throughout the day and into the night while drinking at local night clubs. The Daily Mail outlines some of the startling texts below.

"Mila: I'm done you ruined me

Mila: You'll be the death of me

Mila: Seriously

Mila: Wow

Mila: Just please after you give me my money go away

Boyfriend: I'm not doing sh*t


Boyfriend: Ok Mila

Mila: You're already fuc*ing around why can't you just let me [go] before doing that it sucks

Mila: Idk why I'm dealing w this

Mila: Just live your life

Mila: Bye dude

Mila: Are you going to finish this

Mila: Are we sleeping together or not

Mila: I see you read it

Mila: Do [sic] what's up

Boyfriend: What are you talking about your [sic] psycho stop weirdo

Mila: Ok

Mila: Shane told Irina to go there

Mila: It ok

Mila: But ok

Mila: I think I just want to dump you

Mila: No I Know I do

Mila: So I'm dumping you

Mila: Driving drunk woo

Mila: Ill be dead thanks to you

Mila: Lata"

The family of the deceased are now suing both Dago and the Smart Car rental company, Car2Go. The family says that the streetside car rental company should have installed an inexpensive breathalyzer to ensure drivers were not getting behind the wheel drunk. However, Car2Go points out that they cannot be held liable, as Reinoso was not wearing a seat belt during the collision.

What do you think about the lawsuit against Car2Go. Should streetside car vendors such as this be required to install breathalyzers, or is it the renters responsibility to follow laws and not get behind the wheel drunk?