Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff Update: ‘Bachelor’ Stars Not Split, Sources Say Rumors Are Baseless

There’s been a lot of speculation lately regarding the relationship between Bachelor stars Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff. The two got engaged in the finale and just days ago were swooning over one another on “National Lovers Day.” However, the fact that she’s headed back to Chicago stirred up some buzz. Despite some worries, it sounds as if all is still well between Chris and Whitney.

Chris Soules continues to stay in Los Angeles for dance rehearsals with dance pro Witney Carson. While Whitney Bischoff has been in California with him a lot, she has been commuting back-and-forth between Los Angeles and her home in Chicago.

Chris and Whitney have both noted this week that as his dance competition gets more intense, she’s going to spend some time at home catching up on things. She’ll be working in Chicago and hitting the Kentucky Derby this weekend, she’s noted. Though Soules and Bischoff didn’t say anything about relationship problems, some worried that a split might be on the way.

However, a photo from Whitney on Instagram may have settled some nerves for Bachelor fans. She was getting her hair done in Chicago and did a selfie. She’s got her ring on, though as many fans needed to point out, because it’s a mirror selfie, the ring looks like it’s on her right hand instead of her left.

The comment section of that post has a lot of debate about which hand the ring is on, as well as which side Whitney usually parts her hair on. While not everybody agrees on the details, most are ultimately determining that the photo is a mirror selfie, thus reversed. A look at other photos of the couple shows that Whitney does usually part her hair on the left, further confirming that it is her engagement ring she’s wearing on that ever-important ring finger.

In addition, GossipCop reports that any Bachelor split rumors involving Chris and Whitney are false. Sources tell the site that any reports claiming that Soules and Bischoff are ending their engagement are baseless.

Tabloids are claiming that Chris has been bitten by the celebrity bug and won’t talk wedding plans with Whitney. In addition, rumors still swirl that there are jealousy issues due to the supposed chemistry between Chris and Witney as they compete on Dancing With the Stars. However, GossipCop sources say there’s simply no truth to any of the negative rumors.

It’s too soon to know whether Chris and Whitney will make it down the aisle and have babies. However, it does seem premature to be assuming the two are about to split as well. Many Bachelor fans have a hunch that Chris will be headed back to Iowa soon, and everybody will be curious to see if Whitney follows. Do you think Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are still happily engaged, or are they on the brink of a split?

[Image via E! Online]