Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Dr. Phil Fires Staffer After Leaked Nick Gordon Intervention

Dr. Phil quickly showed that he takes his business seriously after firing a staff member who reportedly leaked the Nick Gordon interview episode, in which the sensitive topics of Bobbi Kristina Brown, drug use, and suicide were detailed. Although the episode aired in March on CBS, the staffer allegedly sold the story before it was scheduled for release.

Although Gordon’s interview on the Dr. Phil show was originally meant to discuss concerns for his girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina Brown, his behavior became so erratic that the show quickly became a stage for an intervention. Yet before the episode was aired, it was somehow leaked early to a UK newspaper.

The Hollywood Reporter states that that Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, held a staff meeting in an attempt to weed out the person who allegedly leaked the Gordon episode. Although no one fessed up at first, a female staff member, whose name is undisclosed, admitted that she sold the episode. She was immediately terminated and escorted from the CBS studio in Hollywood, California.

A spokesperson for Dr. Phil released a statement confirming the staff member’s dismissal and indicated that the ex-employee “stole from the show.”

“A member of our team stole a story and was dismissed. We take our show content and process extremely seriously and have zero tolerance for stealing proprietary information.”

The Gordon episode, which aired on March 11, delivered the show’s highest ratings in over two years, according to preliminary numbers. Gordon, who readily admitted that he drank alcohol and took Xanax pills prior to the show, eventually agreed to go into rehab during the interview, after Dr. Phil convinced him that he needed help.

Gordon recently finished his rehabilitation program, but still remains under investigation for the January 31 incident that left Bobbi Kristina Brown comatose and in a long-term medical care facility.

Although Gordon is not currently facing criminal charges in the case, speculations and rumors regarding his involvement in the accident surfaced shortly after the Roswell police stated that Bobbi Kristina was found with unusual markings and bruises on her body.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina Brown remains at the Dekalb Medical hospital, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her medical condition, according to her grandmother, Cissy Houston, hasn’t changed much since January 31, when she was found comatose in her Roswell townhouse. She reportedly suffers from global and irreversible brain damage, and will more than likely need indefinite medical care.