WWE News: WWE Planning More Live WWE Network Specials Due To Success Of ‘King Of The Ring’

WWE Network has managed to give us some interesting content this past year, and it has been fun to see. We all knew the network would give us past PPVs, current ones, and other past shows from several different companies. The footage consists of thousands of hours worth of content that goes back decades. However, fans wanted new content, and not just PPV material.

That allowed them to bring NXT to the network, which has been fantastic to see. They allowed NXT to do live specials a few times a year, which has been fun and amazing each time. Fans loved seeing live material on the network that wasn’t just centered around PPVs. Due to this, WWE felt it would be good to add other live material, which is why we saw King of the Ring this past week.

According to Cageside Seats, WWE is now planning to have more things just like KOTR added to the WWE Network. They saw huge success for it, and a lot of people ended up tuning in. This was seen as a big deal for WWE, so they feel that if they can bring more things like it, numbers for the network would only go up. WWE claims that they are near one million subscriptions, and that is a big deal. They have to be there to make money off of the network consistently. Once they cross this and manage to stay over it, they’ll make a big profit.

WWE is planning another free network month soon. It could very well be in June.

What type of live content WWE plans to bring to the network similar to KOTR is uncertain as of now, but it could end up being title matches or small tournaments. We could very well see NXT being used more on the network as well, so there is a ton that WWE has the ability to do. With a big roster full of talent, they easily have the option to do a variety of live content, including most of the WWE Superstars and Divas.

The WWE Network could exploit the talent that WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown doesn’t have room for it. So the network could be a gift to the jobber or mid-carder and even help them move their way up the roster. In the end, we will have to wait and see what WWE decides.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]