William Schmuhl Charged With Shocking Abuse Of 9-Month-Old Daughter, And It’s Not His First Time

William Schmuhl, 24, has been charged with one of the most sadistic and shocking cases of felony child abuse that you’ll see.

Whether he’s guilty is for the court to decide, but according to police, the 9-month-old baby girl was dipped in scalding hot water and then made to suffer severe burns before Schmuhl and the child’s mom sought medical attention.

The incident allegedly happened at a Fredericksburg hotel, WTVR reports.

“The team, comprised of investigators from Child Protective Services, Detectives from the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigative Division and a Deputy CA from the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, were summoned by hospital staff after a nine-month-old child was brought to the ER suffering from extensive emersion-type burns, common to dipping the child into scalding hot water,” said Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office spokesman Captain Jeff Pearce. “The child was stabilized and subsequently transferred to VCU Medical Center in Richmond, for advanced burn treatment and possible surgery.”

What made the case more horrifying for investigators is that William Schmuhl and family were staying at a motel that was “within walking distance” of Mary Washington Emergency Room, where the couple would eventually take the infant several hours after the incident occurred.

The child is still fighting for her life as Schmuhl faces charges that “could be upgraded” from felony child abuse if she fails to survive.

A second report from the Fredericksburg website notes that William Schmuhl was arrested for another child abuse crime in 2013 involving the 4-month-old son of his then-girlfriend, “the same” girlfriend involved in this new incident.

“This investigation is still ongoing and additional charges may be brought against Schmuhl and anyone else who may have been involved and had knowledge of the crime, failing to summon law enforcement or assistance for the child,” said the county sheriff in a statement.

It’s unfortunate that there are no shortages of child abuse stories here in the crime section of the Inquisitr. A similar incident occurred in January of this year when Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier, 22, was charged with murder for allegedly burning her baby alive.

One New Jersey resident said the Pemberton Township mom told a passerby she was burning “dog feces.” Horrified and shocked witnesses thought Dorvilier was merely burning trash.

Do you think crimes against children should carry mandatory life sentences, and with the William Schmuhl case, do you think the mom should be charged as well? Sound off in the comments section.