‘Duck Dynasty: The Musical’ Showcases True Robertson Spirit

The Duck Dynasty show on A&E may at first appear to be simply a reality series following the lives of rugged outdoorsmen who enjoy hunting and have made a virtual dynasty of their duck hunting business. A closer look, however, reveals the Duck Dynasty Robertson clan to be honest people who believe in good moral values and have a devout belief in Jesus Christ.

Willie and Korie Robertson have been married since 1992 and have five children: Sadie, Rebecca, Bella, John Luke, and Willie Alexander. Together with his brothers, Willie runs the business Duck Commander, which is showcased on Duck Dynasty. The Duck Dynasty family is well known for standing staunchly behind their Christian beliefs, even when those beliefs are unpopular.

Recently, the New York Daily News reports that the Duck Dynasty clan has come under fire for comments made by Willie’s dad, Phil, opposing the gay lifestyle. Willie explains how they handle this criticism.

“We’re still the same people that we were. We try and stay grounded and authentic to who we are, and we’ll keep doing that, and some people may not get it.”

Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson and his wife, Korie, have decided produce a musical based on their lives after the release of a book 2012. Their agent said she felt their story should be a musical, according to Us Weekly. As an avid fan of musicals, in general, Korie was immediately interested.

“Our agent read it, and she just came to us and said: ‘I think your family story has what it takes to make a musical.'”

The Duck Dynasty musical follows the life of Willie and Korie, including important memories such as their engagement and the birth of their children. At the premiere of the show, Duck Commander Musical: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built a Dynasty, Willie found it to be a much more emotional experience than he expected.

“It’s pretty surreal, especially when you see your life play out onstage. It’s emotional for us every time we watch it.”

The Duck Dynasty clan once again manages to succeed in any endeavor they put their hearts and minds into. What do you think about the Duck Dynasty musical?

[Image via NBC]