Hesperia, California: Blood-Covered Man Follows Family Into City Hall Trying To ‘Kidnap’ 2-Year-Old [Video]

A family was terrorized and a woman’s 2-year-old niece was nearly kidnapped when a blood-covered man followed the family into City Hall. The man attacked the grandmother in the family and attempted to grab the 2-year-old child in her care. However, the toddler’s aunt jumped into action and began beating the bloody man with a folded up chair. The startling ordeal was captured on one of the family member’s cell phones as the scene unfolded.

CBS News 24 reports that 24-year-old Jessica Corrales was walking at the Civic Plaza Park with another woman, her grandmother and 2-year-old niece. That is when they noticed a man covered in blood coming towards them. They fled the man by entering the City Hall, but he followed them inside. Once inside, the woman says the man began assaulting her grandmother and attempted to grab the toddler from her arms. That is when the other two women jumped into action. The pair began beating the man with folded up chairs until he was subdued.

The horrifying cell phone footage begins with the family running into the City Hall building to flee the blood-covered man, who is randomly coming after people in the plaza with his bloody hands. Once inside the building, the confused man began running towards the family, who fled into a nearby room where they found themselves cornered by the man with unknown intentions. The man began raising his fist at one of the women and was eventually taken to the ground after being hit with the folding chair.

Help eventually arrived and the man was arrested. According to the Daily Mail, the man was identified as 30-year-old Reginald Peralta. Police are still trying to determine what caused the man to lash out and if drugs were involved in the altercation. Police did note that the blood on the man’s head and hands came from a previous altercation in the plaza with a man on a skateboard and his dog. The man assaulted the dog so the skateboarder hit him on the head with his board and fled.