Jill Duggar Slammed For Sling Baby Carrier: ’19 Kids’ Star Talks C-Section As Derick Compares Fatherhood To Frat [Video]

Jill Duggar Dillard loves being a new mother, and the 19 Kids and Counting star has been using social media to share photos of her tiny 3-week-old son, Israel David. Now Jill is getting slammed for endangering her baby by using a sling baby carrier, reported ABC News.

Those who critiqued Jill expressed concern that the baby was situated in the middle of her stomach, with his body enveloped by the sling. Facebook posters pleaded with her to stop using the sling in that style.

“Someone needs to tell her it’s a baby sling, not a purse,” contended one person.

“Please remember a baby shouldn’t be carried that low. He should be close enough to kiss, so he should be at your chest,” asserted another poster.

In addition, an expert on the use of baby slings explained the proper way to position the infant.

“It’s great that she wants to wear the baby in the sling. It is really hard carrier to understand with written instructions and a pamphlet… It is difficult to position the baby right,” clarified Holly Ann Cordero of Wild Was Mama.

“Usually in a ring sling, the baby should be a little bit higher up on her body. You want to have the baby either upright or in a cradle position. You want it high enough so it is at heart and you want to be able to see her face.”

Risks to both the mother and the baby exist. In the past two decades, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has linked 14 infant deaths to sling-style carriers.

“The big issue with a sling is the risk of suffocation,” pointed out Dr. Richard Besser. “There are some babies who are at greater risk.”

Dr. Besser advised that if the baby is less than 4-months-old, as is the case for Jill’s infant, a sling should not be used.

“If your baby’s premature or small for their age, or [in] the first four months of life or they have any cold at all, don’t use a sling.”

Moreover, Dr. Besser warned that mothers can develop hip problems from using the sling incorrectly.

But Jill remains positive about motherhood, reported People. As she recovers from her C-section, Duggar also expressed appreciation for her family’s support.

Jill went through a 70-hour labor before the decision to have a cesarean section.

“I am getting better,” she emphasized. “I am still recovering. I am trying not to overdo it.”

Jill views her family as a blessing.

“I am so grateful for the help of my family. I have had one of my sisters, my mother or Derick’s mother here with me most of the time now that Derick has gone back to work. It is really a blessing to have family close by to reach out to.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jill suffered through a lengthy birthing experience after initially planning a natural home birth.

After her water broke, Jill learned that she had strep B, which required antibiotics into her body from an IV.

But the 23-year-old still wanted to have the baby at home, agreeing to go to the hospital only when she had struggled through 20 hours of labor and detected a potential sign of complications.

Even at the hospital, Jill refused a hormone called Pitocin to increase labor and pain meds. But then when the baby had moved into a dangerous position combined with an uneven heart rate after Jill had suffered through 70 hours of labor, she and Derick agreed to a C-section.

As for Derick Dillard, he views fatherhood as a fraternity, reported E! News.

“In college I was in fraternities, and I compare my last two weeks to somewhat of an initiation into fatherhood,” confessed the novice daddy of changing diapers and burping babies.

“The learning curve has been pretty steep since Israel was born,” added Derick. “Being the father of a newborn isn’t always easy, but taking care of my son is so rewarding.”

[Image Via Duggar Family Facebook]