$20 Tube Of Serum Saves Early Menopausal Woman’s Sex Life

A 45-year-old woman from Nottingham in the UK who suffered from painful early symptoms of menopause was cured of her discomfort thanks to a $20 tube of serum from her local drugstore.

The woman, social worker Melanie Parkinson, claims the serum saved her sex life and marriage after she felt lethargic, suffered from dry skin and hair loss as she reached her mid-40s.

In addition, Parkinson had to contend with painful changes to her vagina, which included dryness, making sex with her husband impossible.

When the HRT medication failed to produce results, the mother-of one discovered a small tube of serum at her local drugstore.

As she told reporters:

“There were times when I thought my sex life was over for good and I didn’t know what that would mean for my marriage. It was frightening. I’d always had a very healthy sex drive and then overnight down below became a no-go area. It was awful. I had literally tried everything and felt like giving up but this serum has given me my old life back. I never thought the answer would be in a little £12 tube on sale in Boots. Now I believe it should be available on prescription to all women because it really has made me feel like me again.”

In explaining how she felt when the signs of early menopause set in, Parkinson added, “I’d been feeling very tired and not quite right for some time but one day I went into a meeting room to speak to a director and I just went blank. I couldn’t believe it. It had never happened to me before and I was mortified.”

Thankfully, the cheap serum restored the woman’s sex life back to normal, a serum she dubbed a “miracle cure,” “It was horrific. The itching was non-stop and the skin below thinned and cracked.The only respite I got from the pain was during menstruation and that was becoming less and less frequent. I was at my wits end and spending a fortune on creams and natural yogurt, which did nothing.”

When nothing else worked, Parkinson took the advice of a friend, who told her about the product, called SASS Rescue Me. As Parkinson explained, “As it wasn’t on prescription I didn’t hold much hope but at only £12 I had nothing to lose so picked it up when I next went in. It was nice to take it off the shelf without having to go through it all again with a pharmacist, which is embarrassing.”

[Image credit: maspooase.com]