5 Seconds Of Summer: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer may be a big hit with their teeny bopper fans, but it seems not everyone wants to see the boys. 5 Seconds of Summer are currently in the U.S., and according to the Daily Mail, the boys were in for a big disappointment as they headed to an L.A. nightspot for a big night out on Saturday, April 4. Sadly for the group, fame sometimes has a price, and the boys found out to their cost.

5 Seconds of Summer bandmates 18-year-old Luke Hemmings, 19-year-old Michael Clifford, 19-year-old Calum Hood, and 20-year-old Ashton Irwin headed to a West Hollywood nightspot, The Nice Guy, for a night out but found themselves heading home for an early night. L.A. cops asked the band to leave because they were all drinking underage.

According to the Contact Music, eyewitnesses said that 5 Seconds of Summer left the bar looking dejected with some girls in tow. They did not cause any trouble as they left, and some of the boys saw the funny side of the incident. The legal age for drinking alcohol in L.A. is 21, whereas in Australia it is 18. Representatives for the group have made no comment about the incident.

5 Seconds of Summer shot to fame last year on the back of supporting One Direction during their 2014 tour of Australia and the success of their worldwide hit single “She Looks So Perfect.” The band were believed to be in L.A. whilst working on material for their second album. They were also taking a break after supporting One Direction again during their recent shows in Japan.

5 Second of Summer member Calum Hood has been involved in a number of controversial incidents in recent months. He was widely criticized after being spotted smoking next to a fuel pump at a gas station forecourt and had to apologize to young fans and their parents after full frontal shots of him naked were posted on social media sites.

The band are about to head out on a headlining tour of their own. The tour reaches Lisbon, Portugal, on Monday, May 4 and includes 29 dates across Europe through May and June before they arrive in the U.S. and Canada for 36 shows. Like One Direction and other boy bands in the past, 5 Seconds of Summer look set to be subjected to never-ending media and fan scrutiny as they tour the globe.

Whilst fame and adulation has its benefits, 5 Seconds of Summer are finding out that it also has its costs.