If Michael Moore Manages To ‘Disarm The Police’ Who Will Protect His $50 Million Net Worth?

Multi-millionaire Michael Moore’s latest petulant outburst on Twitter where he demands that all police in America are immediately disarmed and “every African-American currently incarcerated for drug crimes or nonviolent offenses” is set free from prison, is at best, the insane rant of a detached and flatulent bleeding heart.

For those not familiar with Moore’s latest tirade on Twitter, here’s a recap.

The filmmaker – famed for being overweight and mouthy– felt the need to take to his social media account in the early hours of yesterday morning and throw another grenade into an already volatile situation.

Doing his best to aggravate a country already at the boiling point with racial tension, Moore felt the need to address the black community with the following tweet.

“Imprison u, shoot u, sever your spine, crush your larynx, send u to war, keep u poor, call u a thug, not let u vote. But u can sing for us.”

Not satisfied with making such a sweeping, derogatory, offensive, and damaging generalisation, Moore appeared to get somewhat excited in a “Look at me, I’m the only one with enough guts to tell it how it is” sense, and the tweets and their content began to escalate.

With all the pompous arrogance of the obscenely wealthy, Moore begins making demands.

“Here’s my demand: I want every African-American currently incarcerated for drug “crimes” or nonviolent offenses released from prison today.”

Without even taking into consideration the administrative and legalistic headache this would entail, the rabble rouser and crowd pleaser continues with his ignorant tirade and makes another demand.

“Next demand: Disarm the police. We have a 1/4 billion 2nd amendment guns in our homes 4 protection. We’ll survive til the right cops r hired.”

Would you Michael, really? Moore, who is currently estimated to be worth $50 million, would definitely be on the top of the list for many looters – both black and white, if all the cops were suddenly disarmed and a bunch of newly-liberated prisoners with no job, no home, no source of income, and no prospects, suddenly found themselves released into a contemporary version of the Wild West, but without the Sheriffs.

Would Moore shoot it out with the outlaws, or would he just hand over his $50 million and say magnanimously, “Here you are guys, you have it, your need is greater than mine. Together we can build a brighter, fairer and more prosperous society by working together to ensure a more equal distribution of America’s accumulated wealth. After all, money is the root of all evil, right?”

Fat chance! On the surface, Moore’s rant may be in apparent response to the Baltimore riots that erupted after the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who was injured in police custody, but in reality all Michael is doing what Johnny Rotten once described as taking a “holiday in other people’s misery.”

When the dust settles and the headlines are buried by Google’s search engines, there could be enough publicity left to salvage another multi-million dollar book or documentary for Moore to salvage from this unholy mess. And perhaps that was Moore’s intention all along.

Congressman-turned-talk show host Joe Walsh may have been somewhat cutting in his appraisal as Moore as a “fat un-American a**wipe,” who should be given “to ISIS right now.”

But Milwaukee County Sheriff has taken a more pragmatic approach and suggested that Moore start a pilot project by disarming police in his own neighbourhood and setting up a transitional inmate housing scheme on his own doorstep.

So what are you waiting for, Michael? The ball’s in your court, big guy. You talk the talk, now you gotta put your money where your mouth is and walk the walk.

(Image courtesy Spencer Platt/Getty Images)