Christina Milian, Lil Wayne Together, But Not In Person?

Christina Milian is saying Lil Wayne is more than just a guy she’s dating — but when will they have any time to spend together?

After all, Christina Milian is hot right now with a new twerking app with Lexy Panterra– and Milian is showing up throughout America over the next weeks for events beyond musical performances.

Christina Milian also let the cat out of the bag at the end of April about where she stands with Lil Wayne. In an article about Christina Milian and Lil Wayne, Latina Magazine stated, “Lil Wayne and Milian had kept their relationship under wraps for some time, but in March the two went public after they were spotted holding hands in Los Angeles. Even more confirmation came after Milian was interviewed on the radio with Big Boy, when she accidentally said the ‘L’ word about her man.”

Making things difficult for them to meet up and prove their alleged love for each other, Lil Wayne is currently on a club tour.

Nevertheless, despite there not being a lot of free time in Lil Wayne’s schedule, Christina Milian has a life of her own — and her calendar is definitely full.

On May 1, Christina Milian posted a photo on Instagram of her celebrating a birthday with friends at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. This comes hot on the heels of Christina Milian doing a series of interviews and outings in England over the third week in April.

On top of doing ongoing promotions of her twerking app that was released at the end of March, Christina Milian is also promoting her We Are Pop Culture shoe line. On Facebook, Christina Milian posted about an event on May 1 in Las Vegas for Sheikh Shoes in the Fashion Show Mall.

On May 8, Christina Milian will be back in California as a special guest for the “3rd Annual Nautica Oceana Beach House event leading up to World Oceans Day with leading global lifestyle brand and proud corporate sponsor, Nautica, and LA Confidential Magazine.”

While Christina Milian may be doing a lot of traveling for non-music reasons, she will be heading in Lil Wayne’s direction in mid-May to sing. On her Instagram account, Christina Milian posted a poster of an upcoming show she is doing on May 14 in Boca Raton, Florida. With Lil Wayne around the corner in Miami, it is likely that Christina Milian will be posting plenty of pics of them together in the near future.

However, don’t expect Christina Milian to hang around for long, because her We Are Pop Culture store is coming soon.

[Feature image via Getty Images.]