Video Of Shocking Child Abuse Sends Childcare Worker To Jail [Video]

A Spanish teaching assistant has been sent to jail for four years, while another got an 11-month suspended sentence after video surveillance captured the shocking child abuse of small children under their care.

Any parent with a child at a childcare center will be shocked at the footage, where a worker at the Annunciata School in Gironella, Spain, was caught in the act of abusing children under her care.

There must have been suspicions of something going on when the management at the center installed hidden surveillance cameras, which caught the shocking child abuse of two children around one year in age. The video can be seen at the end of this article and may upset sensitive viewers.

Tweet translation: Teacher Esther S.B. is sentenced to four years of prison for abuse.

It was back in 2011 that the teacher, named by the Spanish language news website El Periodico only as Esther S.B., was seen to pin a toddler to the floor and force feed the child.

In a second disturbing piece of video footage, the teacher was seen to force another toddler head first into a sleeping bag. She then sat on the opening, trapping the child inside, while she casually chats to a fellow worker.

According to the court, the teacher had on November 14th, 2011, “violently thrown down a child under one year old and pinned him face up by his arms and legs and forced him to swallow food.”

According to the Local, the second clip was taken only a couple of days later on November 18th when she abused another child by trapping him in the sleeping bag.

Her co-worker, who sat and watched while the abuse went on, while chatting casually to Esther S.B., was also in court and was found guilty as an accomplice by failing to either stop the shocking child abuse or even to report it to management.

Esther S.B. was sentenced on Wednesday to four years in jail by the judge in the Criminal Court of Manresa in Barcelona province. She has also been ordered to pay compensation in the sum of€90,000 ($100,000), to be split evenly between the families of the two young children affected by the shocking child abuse.

Her heartless co-worker received an 11-month suspended sentence as an accomplice to the crime.

The video footage is included below and may upset sensitive viewers.

The Inquisitr reported on another shocking child abuse story recently as a father was charged with felony child abuse for dumping his 9-month-old daughter into burning hot water and taking his time getting medical assistance for her.

[Image: Screengrab from surveillance video]