Women Sets Gas Pump On Fire After Not Getting A Cigarette

A women sets a gas pump on fire at a Jerusalem gas station after a man pumping gas into his car refused to give her a cigarette, NBC News reported last night. After being refused a cigarette, the woman lit the pump on fire with a lighter. Police report that no one sustained any injuries due to the incident.

“The woman was arrested after the incident Tuesday and denied having set the blaze intentionally, Micky Rosenfeld, foreign spokesman for Israel’s police forces, said in a statement,” ABC News reported, “A woman approached a man while filling his petrol tank and asked for a cigarette. When he refused to give it to her she pulled out a lighter from her pocket and ignited the petrol pump,” Rosenfeld said.

The man pumping gas into his car immediately pulled the pump from his car and ran from the fire before gas station workers put out the fire.

The incident was picked up by a security camera, Autoblog.com reported, as the woman who was refused the cigarette pulled out the lighter to set the gas pump on fire.

Local police, describing the woman as mentally unstable, arrested her as a suspect in the incident.

“Flaming gasoline engulfed the teal Suzuki Splash as the culprit fled the scene and the man ran for his life. His brother was reportedly in the passenger seat but does not appear to have been harmed. (Kudos to the driver, incidentally, for acting fast to pull the nozzle out of the tank before the fire spread.),” Autoblog reported.

In another incident, a gas station security camera caught a shooting that took place, Inquisitr reported, “A woman who was allegedly menaced by a man at a Houston gas station open fire with a rifle and killed him according to police. The woman claims the man, identified as Louis Daniels, 58, was making sexual advances toward her and she was acting in self defense. In the video (see embed above), the man lunges at her with what is said to be a knife. The video appears to shows him holding an umbrella in his other hand.”

[Photo of the gas station fire from NBC News.]