Mother’s Heart-Warming Photos Capture The Love Between Her 2-Year-Old Toddler And His Dogs [Photos]

A mother and photographer noticed the strong bond her 2-year-old son had with his dogs and decided to capture some of the precious moments they shared with her camera. The result was a beautiful series of photographs that showcase the love shared between a little boy and his dogs.

The Huffington Post reports that Polish photographer Agnieszka Gulczyńska noticed that her two-year-old son, Igor, had a strong bond with his three dogs Vega, Pikey and Canon. Therefore, she decided to snap some photos of the boy and his dogs to showcase the intense love they shared. The heart-warming images were shared on Gulczyńska’s Facebook page, and viewers immediately were drawn to the boy’s interactions with his beloved pets.

Gulczyńska says that the toddler has learned empathy and that she marvels at the way he delicately deals with his doggie friends.

“Every day I can see my child learning empathy while taking care of his dogs. I love when he shows affection towards them. He hugs them, delicately pets, brings treats, not because I ask him to but because he feels an inner need to do it. Looking at a happy child running along with his dogs constantly warms my heart.”

The images will likely warm your heart as well as you get a personal glimpse of this little boy’s love for his canine friends. Check out some of Agnieszka’s images and see why dog lovers from across the globe are being drawn into the images of a little boy and his dogs.

You can see all of the photos of Igor and his three dogs on Gulczyńska Facebook page. Which photo is your favorite?

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Agnieszka Gulczyńska]