Cancer-Stricken Costco Greeter Launches Campaign For Sick Children

Sometimes those with the most problems are the most empathetic. Arlie Smith, 45, is a Costco greeter at a store in Danville, in northern California. He was known to be a very friendly greeter who tried to cheer others up, despite his own problems. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over two years ago. His mother also has MS. Unfortunately, in addition to MS, he also was diagnosed in September with kidney cancer, which has spread to his bones. He was given a diagnosis of less than three years to live.

He has worked for the big box store for over 21 years and tries to cheer up the customers. He draws smiles and flowers on receipts for customers' children, according to the Daily Mail. But what is his goal? Not a selfish one. Instead, his goal is to become the top fundraiser for Children's Hospital in Oakland during a drive that the store has in May.

He says that he's "richer than Bill Gates" because of the support that he's received from customers for the campaign he launched on behalf of sick children. Smith has been collecting donations for Costco's Miracle Balloon Campaign for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland. He is a real super hero to those that know him. He wears the super-hero costume of a cape and sunglasses with panache. He stands out in a crowd not only because of his costume, however, but also because of his ready smile and upbeat attitude, according to ABC Channel 11.

He's such an altruistic person that he's donating a huge amount to the hospital. Smith began the fundraiser after customers raised money on his behalf. He decided to donate the whole amount to the children -- a staggering $65,000 that has been raised so far. Smith said the following, amazed at the attention this has drawn so far, according to ABC Channel 11.

"What's happening is really a miracle, that all this attention is being brought to them."
Previously, a group of about two dozen customers who appreciate Mr. Smith had raised money so that he and his wife Shari could take a four-night vacation at a resort in Laguna Beach, California. The appreciative customers sweetly call themselves "Arlie's Angels." The package thoughtfully included sunscreen, a picture frame, and seashells. And, most importantly, it included a touching note from his customers. Smith said, according to the Daily Mail.
"Everything that's done for me and the love that's shown for me, every day, it's astounding."
It's rare to hear positive stories in the news. But another recent feel-good story happened when a customer gave a waitress a $3,000 tip for a $43.50. bill. Why? It was no mistake. The customer was "paying it forward," and asked that the waitress do so too, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo Courtesy ABC Channel 7 Facebook]