‘Warcraft’ Film Pushed Back To June 2016

Fans who were eagerly awaiting the Warcraft movie will be disappointed to hear that the film has been pushed back to a June 2016 release date. Universal Pictures have announced that they will have the film pushed back – not because of filming delays, but because of stiff competition at the box office, according to Fansided. According to Warcraft director, Duncan Jones, the film has been pushed back because they have confidence in the movie and think it deserves to be a summer movie rather than coming out in March.

With the new release date of June 10 2016, this is not the first time the Warcraft film has been pushed back. Originally it was scheduled to hit theaters in December 2015, but once Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens picked the same release date, the film was pushed back to March 2016.

Even thought the Warcraft film has been pushed back several times, little is known about the synopsis past the fact it is based on the popular Blizzard game. Although Duncan Jones has offered up a little more information recently when he spoke to 2P.com.

From the moment I first talked to Blizzard, the plan was to start our film with the first time Orcs met Humans. First contact! I think that for a world with so much newness to explain, this was a wise choice, especially when so many people in our audience may not know anything about Warcraft… it was important that some of our characters would be seeing the world fresh as well, and that the audience could see the situation through their eyes.

Warcraft will star Vikings actor Travis Fimmel in the lead role of Anduin Lothar. While Travis is accustomed to the fighting scenes of Vikings, it took a little getting used to for Warcraft as he told Crave when they interviewed him:

Warcraft is very motion capture-oriented and special effects-orientated and we wear costumes that I couldn’t get through a door with all the armor. You can’t lift your arms above your head with that on, but Vikings is a bit more natural with the fighting.

Other cast include Toby Kebbell, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Paula Patton, Clancy Brown, Ruth Negga and Robert Kazinsky. Duncan Jones and Charles Leqavitt are credited as writers with the producers being listed by The Hollywood Reporter as: Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Charles Roven, Alex Gartner, Chris Metzen and Stuart Fenegan.

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[Image credit: GameGuyz]