School District Served Pork Expired Six Years Ago

Dean Chambers

Pork that was expired six years ago was served to students for lunch in a school district in Tennessee, the Huffington Post reported today. The pork served in schools in Hawkins Count School District had dates as far as back 2009.

"A county commissioner who's also a parent was floored when a Joseph Rogers Primary School lunch worker sent him a photo of the pork roast that the district was feeding kids. The meat in the photo looked unappetizing enough, but the date on the packaging prompted a district-wide change in school lunch policies, according to WBIR," the Huffington Post reported, "Some of the pork roast was dated 2009."

Hawkins County Commissioner Michael Herrell raised concerns about younger students being served the bad meat for lunch and not knowing if the meat was bad before eating it, suggesting that high school age students would be more likely to eat the meat if they sense it was bad.

"The six-year-old pork roast wasn't served at Joseph Rogers, but several other schools did offer it to kids on April 22, the Associated Press reports. One school's cafeteria workers made gravy to cover up the foul taste, Herrell said," the Huffington Post reported, "It's unclear whether the meat -- which was frozen all those years before it was thawed and served -- had become tainted, and there were no reports of sick children, according to WATE."

Steve Starnes, Hawkins County Director of Schools, admitted that some of the meat found in the school district's freezers had dates as old as 2009, 2010, and 2011 on them. He said all the old meats were disposed of and that the school district is fully in compliance with USDA guidelines for storing and serving food.

Students were served the unappetizing pork, the Inquisitr reported today, "A Tennessee school district is under fire for allegedly having served 6-year-old pork to students. A local commissioner said some Hawkins County School District schools were serving meat that had expired beyond USDA shelf-life recommendations – some were dated back to 2009. What's more, according to a Huffington Post report, some cafeteria workers tried to mask the old pork products with gravy."

The school district has initiated inspections of meat to prevent this from happening again, Gawker reported about the six-year-old expired pork being served in Hawkins County schools.

"Michael Herrell, a parent and Hawkins County, Tenn. commissioner, alerted school district officials to the old meat after he was texted a photo of the six-year-old pork by a cafeteria worker last week, the Nashville Sun Timesreports" Gawker reported, "Hawkins County Director of School Steve Starnes told reporters that a new inspection system has been implemented at schools across the district to prevent a future mishap. No students have reported getting sick."

[Photo of expired 6 year old pork from the Huffington Post.]