Mysterious Flashing Lights Spotted Hovering Over Downtown San Diego [Video]

Southwest of San Diego on Tuesday night, the sky was lit up by several flashing multiple-colored lights, which left a number of baffled residents scratching their heads and thinking, “UFO.”

According to NBC 7, one of their viewers, Larry Fox, sent them several pictures of the multicolored object, which he’d captured from his backyard in Del Cerro.

Fox, along with other witnesses, said the lights seemed to be red, blue, and green and kept flashing and changing colors.

“It looked like a strobe light,” said Fox.

Fox also added that he wasn’t convinced the flashing lights were from a plane or a drone as the object did not move and remained stationary in the night sky.

“It was a series of flashing lights,” he said. “If it was a plane, it would have moved.”

The mysterious hovering lights were said to be southwest of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. NBC 7 reports that numerous witnesses had called into the news station to inform them of the strange sighting.

Additionally, while covering an unrelated story that same night, an NBC 7 reporter and photographer also spotted the baffling lights from San Ysidro.

The station said they attempted to contact the nearby military to try and get some answers about the strange occurrence, but so far, no response.

[Image via NBC News]