October 17, 2017
The Dress Debate: High School Senior Mireya Briceno Gets Booted From Prom For Revealing Dress -- Social Media Weighs In

Connie Briceno revealed that her 18-year-old daughter, Mireya Briceno, was booted from her senior prom for wearing a dress that was too revealing. The teen followed the high school's obviously strict dress code when she wore a backless royal blue dress with white polka dots.

Briceno said that her daughter's midriff and stomach was completely covered. She checked the school's guidelines, which allowed backless dresses. Briceno thought that the dress was totally acceptable for her daughter's special night. Unfortunately, the school had a different story.

"The guidelines specifically said backless dresses are acceptable. The rules stated the dress needed to adhere to the 'fingertip' rule—meaning the dress had to hit below your fingertip when standing with her arms by your side."
Mireya had no trouble entering the prom, according to Connie. She did wear her boyfriend's jacket, which she later removed on the dance floor. Once the vice principal noticed the high school senior, Mireya was asked to leave the prom for violating the dress code. Two other girls were also asked to leave due to their revealing ensembles, but were able to return in different outfits. Perkins declined to comments as to why Mireya wasn't invited back to prom.

E! News spoke with Muskegon High School Principal Brad Perkins on Thursday afternoon. He assured that all students must adhere to the school's "strict dress code." Strict it is, indeed.

"There are things we learned from this. We have a strict dress code. Going forward there are things we will address, which includes access to see me.

Mireya is a remarkable human being and we wish her the best going forward."

The dress is surely causing its own debate on social media. People have been weighing in on whether or not Briceno's dress violated the school's dress code. Some noted that they don't see an issue with the dress, while others think the dress is too revealing and not appropriate for a high school prom. Most of the comments about Briceno's dress on social media have been positive.Unfortunately for Mireya Briceno, she won't be able to relive her own high school prom. However, she will be able to attend her boyfriend's prom on May 9. The couple plans on going, and Mireya intends on wearing a different dress. What are your thoughts on Mireya Briceno's prom dress? Do you think it violated the dress code?

[Image: Mireya Briceno/Facebook]