April 30, 2015
Baby In Hot Car: Camden County Police Officer Breaks Window To Rescue Infant Crying Hysterically

A 5-month-old baby left in a hot car was rescued by a Camden County, New Jersey, police officer who heard the baby crying hysterically while trapped inside the vehicle. According to CBS Philadelphia, the incident happened earlier today when officer Belinda Villegas-Ramos of the Camden County Police Department was on a security detail. Officer Belinda was approached by a woman who told her that she had heard the cries of a baby that was apparently left in a hot car. The car in this case actually turned out to be a locked Jeep.

According to Police Lieutenant Richard Verticelli, the baby was sweating profusely and was crying hysterically due to the heat inside the car.

"She (Belinda) went up to the jeep and sees an infant inside the vehicle, crying hysterically and sweating profusely."
Sensing the urgency of the situation, officer Belinda broke open the window and took the crying baby out. By the time this happened, a backup officer was also on the scene. As soon as the baby was out of the hot car, she rushed the infant into the air conditioned premises of a bank nearby. It was after this that that mother of the baby arrived.

The baby was later taken to Cooper Hospital, where the baby boy is being treated. Authorities have not released the status of his health at this point.

In an interview to CBS, officer Belinda said as follows.

"We are looking at an infant baby. We are looking at the surrounding area. One-second, two-seconds, that's too long."
A few minutes after the baby was rescued from the hot car, the infant's mother arrived on the scene. It is unclear at this stage under what circumstances the mother left her baby alone inside the car. The mother, whose identity has not been revealed yet, has been charged with child endangerment. Authorities investigating the case added that youth services will soon take over the case.

It was just a few days ago that the Inquisitr had reported about James Koryor, an Arizona man who left his two-year-old son in his hot car and got drunk. Koryor's child wasn't as lucky and was found dead inside the vehicle, after which Koryor was charged with manslaughter and child abuse.

[Image via CBS Philadelphia]