‘Avengers 2’ Home Video: Is There An Alternate Ending?

Avengers 2 seems to be an extreme success — just as the first movie was. Some fans are only going to see the sequel in the cinemas, others have seen it for several times already, but one thing is certain — the new movie is a quality one.

According to the Inquisitr, most people, who have already seen Avengers 2, left positive feedback.

“Not half bad for a sequel to one of the most successful films in history. It’s hard to shake the fact that Age of Ultron had a lot of baggage going in, so the fact that the reviewers were able to enjoy it as much as they did is fantastic.”

Sequels are always judged twice as severely as the first movie — especially if the first one got love and popularity of the audience, so, apparently, this new Marvel film is indeed a decent one. This alone could explain the interest towards upcoming home video release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But after Amazon U.K. sent out an email claiming that the home release of the movie contains extended cut and an alternate ending, fans got even more thrilled by the opportunity to get themselves the film than before (it’s not like the original ending was bad, anyways).

Unfortunately, it seems that all the fuss around alternate ending was for nothing — now Amazon U.K. refutes its own promises by claiming that Marvel studios have not provided them with information on what special features and cuts will be added to the official home release, so the alternate ending might be just a rumor.

However, according to Cinemablend, even without alternate ending the home video version will contain interesting additions.

“As it stands, the theatrical cut of The Avengers: Age of Ultron is 141 minutes long, and I can tell you having seen the film twice that it really does fill up every moment of that runtime. Whether or not it includes an alternate ending and/or an extended cut, we can also probably expect the Blu-ray/DVD releases to be packed with extra material that fans can dig into.”

Though special features, added to the official release, are of interest to many fans, it’s still not the only cause of why people buy home versions of the movie. It’s the possibility to re-watch Avengers 2 that makes fans wait impatiently for the official release and wish to spend their money on it.