April 30, 2015
Amy Schumer Spoofs One Direction And The Male Perception Of Makeup [Video]

Comedy Central's Amy Schumer has been gaining popularity rapidly for her hilariously poignant music videos parodying popular music and modern society. Her last music video, "Milk Milk Lemonade," took on the music industry's obsession with the female rear-end. Now Amy Schumer has moved on to the female face.

According to the New York Daily News, Schumer has released a brand new music video called "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup," performed in a boy band style remarkably similar to One Direction. The song tackles the male perception of makeup and how many men misunderstand why women wear it.

Amy Schumer seems to be directly responding to One Direction's song "What Makes You Beautiful," which suggests that girls are beautiful the way they are -- even if they don't know it. Amy Schumer's new song is sung from a similar boy band perspective, claiming that women "don't need makeup." However, after Amy Schumer's character removes all her makeup (convinced she's beautiful without it), the boys are horrified by her natural face and insist that she puts makeup back on. "Lots and lots" of it.

"Hold up girl / we spoke too soon / With this whole no-makeup tune... You'll be the hottest girl in the nation / with just a touch of foundation."


As Pop Sugar put it, men tend not to realize that the "natural beauty" they see on women like Kim Kardashian actually comes from makeup. While there's no denying women are beautiful without makeup, Amy Schumer's video parodies the men who think they prefer women without it -- but actually don't. "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" takes it even a step further by taking on the idea that women need makeup in order to qualify as women.
"I didn't know that your lashes were so stubby and pale /Just a touch of mascara, and you'll look female... Just get up an hour earlier / and you can make yourself much girlier."
The video was released shortly after Amy Schumer went on Twitter asking women to tweet out pictures of themselves without makeup. In response to all the fans who bravely posted their bare faces, Amy Schumer sent out the following message.
"I have been brought to tears with all the strong, badass, incredible women tonight."
While Amy Schumer maintains a sarcastic comedic persona, it's clear that she's trying to raise awareness about many of the double standards women face in society every day.

What did you think of Amy Schumer's new video? Do you think women need makeup?