‘Nashville’ Season 3 Spoilers: Charles Esten Talks About Deacon’s Fate

Nashville fans are quickly approaching the Season 3 finale. This season has focused on the fate of Deacon after his cancer diagnosis. This week’s episode saw just how badly Rayna wanted a liver for Deacon. She was willing to pay his sister a million dollars to give him part of hers.

Deacon’s cancer diagnosis could not have happened at a worse time. He just found out about his daughter, and he is building a relationship with Maddie. On top of that, Rayna walked away from Luke Wheeler, and she finally decided it was the right time for her and Deacon to be together. She is not willing to lose him now. No one that knows about Deacon’s illness is willing to lose him.

Charles Esten is the man behind Deacon, and the actor spoke about what will happen next on the series, as far Deacon’s cancer is concerned with TV Line. Fans are getting close with their own theories about Deacon’s fate.

“Oh yeah. You always get the range, throughout the whole three seasons. They come close, but I always love that the writers are able to add that little detail you didn’t foresee. It’s good, because we’re not just playing out what you expect. We’re playing out a different version of what you expect and keeping it interesting. That’s what the writers do so well, and what I’m so glad for.”

On the next Nashville episode, Deacon will go public about his cancer battle. This will force Rayna and Deacon to face the realization that their time together might be “cut short” because of Deacon’s illness.

However, there is more drama set for the next episode. Juliette is headed for a meltdown. Avery and her family will become increasingly concerned on the next episode. Her family will start to realize that Juliette might be suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her and Avery’s daughter. The preview for the episode shows her kicking someone out of her house. Is it Avery?

According to International Business Times, Will’s new relationship with Kevin will go public, and Will’s father will pay him a visit. Will has always said that he did not have a good relationship with his father. How will his father handle the news that his son is gay? How will the country music scene deal with the news on Nashville? The series has been working towards outing Will for a long time. The news about his sexuality will definitely surprise some people.

What do you think? Will Deacon survive his cancer battle on Nashville? Will his sister come back to give him her liver?

[Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images]