'Dancing Light' UFO Seen Over Pampanga, Philippines [Video]

Residents in the province of Pampanga in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines reported sighting a UFO with "dancing lights" in the sky on Sunday April 26, 2015. Several witnesses snapped photos and captured videos of the alleged UFO.

The sighting generated considerable online buzz after photos and videos were uploaded to the Internet. A lively debate ensued on social media over the nature of the "dancing lights" in the sky. Some thought it was an authentic UFO sighting, while others thought they might have been fireflies.

Below is a selection of videos of the sighting uploaded to YouTube, including one shot over Lubao Diversion Road.

A witness, YouTuber Troll PH, expressed the view that the lights were from two large UFOS, a bigger one to the right and a smaller one to the left.

'Dancing Lights' Over Pampanga, Philippines

"The many glowing lights are actually just two large UFOs, one bigger on the right and a smaller UFO on the left. Left has only two lights on it. As you can see from the close up below. This is one strange looking UFO."

Paolo Gallardo, who also posted a video of the sighting to YouTube, said the lights were seen in the sky for more than 5 minutes.

In a message to the website When In Manila, he noted that there were no hills, or tall buildings in the area where he shot the video, so the lights must have come from an object in the sky.

He said it was his cousin, Patrick, who drew his attention to the strange lights in the sky.

As the debate over the nature of the sighting raged, Manila Bulletin published a story that claimed the "UFO myth in Pampanga" had been "debunked."

UFO Over Pampanga, Philippines

According to the website, an official of the Philippine astronomical organization said the lights did not come from UFOs but drones.

Camilo Dacanay of the Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS), told the Manila Bulletin that the "dancing lights" were probably from a drone being tested by the country's military or a private individual.

"Drones, just like guns in the U.S., can now be purchased easily," Dacanay said.

Police chief superintendent Ronald Santos agreed with Dacanay, saying, "These could be military drones doing some surveillance or testing... the way I see it, there is nothing stunning there. I don't consider this as UFO as well."

The police chief assured that the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Association will release a report on the sighting.

When In Manila notes that this is not the first time that a "dancing light" UFO has been spotted over Pampanga. In the year 2000, residents reported sighting mysterious "dancing lights" in the sky for five hours over the towns of Mabalacat and Angeles.

[Images: Wikimedia Commons; YouTube via UFO Sightings Daily]