Duchess Kate Due In May? Parking Restrictions Extended, Royal Baby Might Not Be Late After All

Is Duchess Kate actually due to give birth in May?

According to the Telegraph, it appears as though Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, are preparing for their second child to join the royal family some time next week. A parking restriction outside St. Mary’s hospital has been extended for another several days, suggesting that the couple’s second child won’t be making his or her appearance for a few more days.

“The restrictions will now run until Tuesday, May 5, and could even be extended further if the Duchess still has not given birth by then.”

Many believed that the Duchess of Cambridge was due mid-to-late April, because that is what she reportedly said a few months ago, but it now appears that she may be due late April to early May. Since most babies are born in the 37 to 41 week range, it’s hard to imagine Kate’s doctors letting her go far beyond that. Many hospitals will induce labor (which can take two to three days) at 42 weeks, which could be coming up very soon for the Duchess.

According to the Express, there is a good chance that Kate Middleton will be induced as soon as Friday — if she is indeed well past her due date. If the royal baby doesn’t make an appearance this weekend, it’s more likely that Kate was actually due later than she originally said. This could have been said to deter the media, or it could have been a simple miscalculation of days, depending on how far along Kate was thought to be when she first learned that she was pregnant. A due date, after all, is just an estimation.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Duchess doesn’t seem too concerned with going into labor. On Tuesday, she was seen leaving Buckingham Palace with Prince George and was actually driving herself. Many pregnant women will tell you that life doesn’t stop just because you are close to your due date, but some prefer to stay home and lay low while they wait for those contractions to really intensify.

That said, it is entirely possible that Kate Middleton won’t go into labor for a few more days, and she may not need to be induced at all. Given what the public knows in regard to hospital preparations, the royal baby really could be born at any moment. The suspense is quite exciting, but the wait continues.

[Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images]