Local Youth As Young As 10 Gives Would-Be Robber A Bully Beatdown

Chad Mitchell

A number of local youth, one said to be as young as 10-years-old, rushed to the aid of a local jewelry store owner crying for help. Rana Zia Ahmed, the 47-year-old jeweler and father of five, was tending his store in Manchester, England when three thugs entered the Romaze Jewelry Shop. The three were carrying a sledge hammer, battering ram, and handgun.

The assailants then when to work on the glass counters. They used the sledge hammer to smash the counters with the intention to grab the jewels and get out. Upon hearing the owner and the destruction, a group of kids playing a pick up game of cricket rushed to the owners aid according to an interview Ruksana, Ahmed's wife, gave to the Telegraph.

"He was in here and these lads came through the door with a big ram. They got inside and smashed the counter, but they didn't get anything. It's a big, close community here, so a group of people gathered outside. They even managed to catch one of the them. My husband was here on his own, with two customers. Fortunately, no-one was hurt and they didn't get anything."

The locals are praising these kids for standing up to the bullies and sending the message that Ruksana was right to say that there spot in Glodwick, the community in Manchester, is a "close community." One commentator who witnessed the attack heaped praises on the "lads."

"This armed robber tried to rob a jewelers in Glodwick, and got chased and caught by the local youth. A (job) well done lads for protecting your community. You don't come in to Glodwick and rob and think you will get away with it."
"Firstly I would like to commend the bravery of those people who assisted police in detaining one of the suspects. I would never encourage the public to take the law into their own hands and put their own safety at risk, but due to their actions we have been able to arrest a man on suspicion of armed robbery."

What the youth in 2001 did wrong they made up for this time around? They brought one man to justice who might think twice about walking past a group of kids playing if he has criminal intentions on his mind.

[Photo by Canvendish Press]